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This is the Jake Russo Podcast, episode zero, recorded September 19 2021. Enjoy!

Welcome to the podcast. This is episode zero, the bonus or trailer episode, if you will. This episode is so that we can get the podcast into your favorite podcast player. But there is a lot to come; we’ve just redone the website – that’s, of course – with a brand new content management system – that means blog posts. And we’re also including podcasts with many of these blog posts, to serve as an audio companion to my written opinion. This podcast as well as the blog will include tech tips, advice, opinions, and more. If you’re wondering about technology, you want to start a website, what’s the best host to use? Or how can I pick that custom email provider? What’s the difference between a domain and a website? What is DNS? What’s the best software for this that or the other, or you’re just curious why your computer doesn’t work? Well, this is the place for you. It’s the Jake Russo Podcast and

Thank you for joining us for this episode zero, and until next time, for more tech tips and advice, visit us 24/7 at

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The podcast’s scope and goal has changed since my recording this episode, but I figured I’d leave it up… for posterity, I guess.